Claire Crocker Psychotherapy in Bath

Some of my guiding principles are:


Over the years I have worked with clients facing a wide variety of challenging issues in therapy. I thoroughly respect and admire my clients’ willingness to share their difficult feelings.


Sometimes we can be aware of differences between ourselves and other people which can make us feel uncomfortable and make communication feel difficult. For me exploring these kinds of differences and how we experience them can be an important part of therapy.

I warmly welcome working with clients of all kinds of different backgrounds, wherever you might see yourself to be on the spectrum of sexuality, gender identity, class, racial or cultural background and heritage, and ability/disability.


For me psychotherapy is about supporting each client as an individual, with their own unique circumstances and experience, hopes and fears. It is not about applying a set of categories, diagnoses or abstract principles in a generalised way.


For me good listening is based upon mutual trust, patience, acceptance, empathy and tolerance. Silence also has a place - sometimes it speaks as loud as words. Our relationship is not a relationship between ‘expert’ and ‘patient’, but between two people working together.

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